Here we go..

Alright, here I go.. as I´ve been thinking a lot about doing this, write about things and this and that, as I once did before, when the computers and the clicking picking mouse was not invented yet.. (well at least not stationed in each and every lap of humanity) Matter of fact, I have diaries since I was only 12 years old, and to write down feelings, things that happened and thoughts that ran through the head, has always been kind of natural for me. Like a flow out from the fingers.. Its really a treasure, those old diaries.. and I think of them as a heritage to my kids. I guess it will be kind of special for them to read my stuff. How embarrassing.. (for them)! Now I have become lazy and its almost a horror thinking of how little I use a common pencil these days. I think my last diary is from early 2000 or something. Yea, by the time when the home computers came to each mans house.., my fingers and my right hand got stiff.
To be continued.. 😉